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stumptowncomics's Journal

Stumptown Comics Fest
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The Stumptown Comics Fest is a yearly celebration of the vibrant comics art scene in Portland, OR. It was begun in 2004 by local comics artist Indigo Kelleigh, and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since.

In 2006, a record number of attendees from across the country joined us at the Convention Center in Northeast Portland and participated in panel discussions, author talks, workshops, and competitions, as well as enjoying a huge selection of original work and merchandise offered by diverse exhibitors - from major publishers to independent presses, local retail favorites, and dozens of individual artists.

In 2007 the tradition continues! This blog serves as a platform for festival planners as well as a source of detailed updates for those looking for in-depth news on the coming festivities. Stay tuned as Portland's only celebration of independent comics art gears up!

To Join
This LJ community is LOCKED so that the festival organizers can easily communicate with each other and keep up to date on... you know, Festival Stuff.

If you are a part of the festival committee, please email erika.moen(at)gmail(dot)com explaining who you are so that I can add you.

Please post you entries as 'FRIENDS ONLY'

Please feel to 'friend' this community even if you are not helping to plan it: we will make public annoucements as they come up!
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